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"Images Speak Words"

San Francisco. USA

"Images Speak Words" a été initié par the Museum of the African Diaspora’s (MoAD) en partenariat avec the African American Art and Culture Complex (AAACC) en avril 2007 à San Francisco. Cet atelier mêlait apprentissage de l'écriture et language visuel.

"...Images Speak Words initiates the Museum of the African Diaspora’s (MoAD) educational outreach and youth program. MoAD partnered with the African American Art and Culture Complex (AAACC) on an eight week program in March and April 2007 for youth to learn the language of photography and story telling...Cheo Tyehimba, MoAD’s Online Content Editor taught the students how to research family history, interview subjects and produce digital audio as well as write stories presented in the I’ve Known Rivers story archive on MoAD’s website..."

Eduardo Pineda
MoAD Director of Education

The students in the program were introduced to the principles of photography in collaboration with Akinbode Akinbiyi.

"...The student photographs presented here provide a glimpse into their young lives. We see the significant objects that surround them – toys, cars, clothes; the important people they interact with – family members and friends; the significant places – home, school, neighborhood; and the environment – landscapes, plants, animals which composes their daily lives.
Images Speak Words brings together young people and professional artists, an international Museum with the Western Addition neighborhood, and San Francisco with the African Diaspora
Special thanks to student parents and families, London Breed, Chantal Reynolds, and Samara Brown at AAACC, and MoAD intern Taylor Spitzer. ..."

Eduardo Pineda
MoAD Director of Education


Museum of the African Diaspora’s: www.moadsf.org , www.iveknownrivers.org

Cheo Tyehimba: www.whatchusay.com













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